Meaning of (as) cheap as chips in English:

(as) cheap as chips


informal British
  • Very inexpensive.

    • ‘the second-hand copies are cheap as chips’
    • ‘cheap-as-chips jewellery’
    • ‘Finding the original shoes was extremely tough and they definitely weren't cheap as chips!’
    • ‘Some of these companies have become "as cheap as chips", as one fund manager remarked.’
    • ‘We popped in to see how we could get a joint membership and it was as easy as pie and cheap as chips.’
    • ‘PCs will soon be as cheap as chips.’
    • ‘Although flights from Scotland to London are as cheap as chips these days, we chose to go by train and save the hassle of hanging around airports and arriving an hour away from the city centre.’
    • ‘There is also much to be said for cheap-as-chips packages that cannot distract anyone with 3-D gaming.’
    • ‘Cheap as chips, each drank champagne and vodka tonics all night.’
    • ‘My cheap as chips special edition will now be shipping Monday not last Thursday as MS didn't deliver all the stock.’
    • ‘Daytime TV ad slots are cheap as chips.’
    • ‘Although, as EnGadget notes, most people in those parts might prefer mobile phones, and they're already cheap as chips.’