Meaning of (as) right as a trivet in English:

(as) right as a trivet


informal British
  • Perfectly all right; in good health.

    • ‘Apart from that, everything's as right as a trivet and running on schedule.’
    • ‘‘In with you,’ he ordered Betty, after a preliminary examination of the harness which, he announced, was ‘as right as a trivet.’’
    • ‘What comes up out of the earth he gives again to the earth, but what is divine, that he keeps; and so I believe that his inner consciousness, in spite of the apparent madness which springs from it to the surface, is as right as a trivet.’
    • ‘‘We're all right - as right as a trivet,’ said the coachman, after a pause of perplexity; ‘I thought our notions were getting rather wide apart, and that one of us wanted putting straight; but I see what you mean, and quite go along with your opinion, step for step.’’
    • ‘It was of course triangular; and hence, if a Cockney understood Latin, and the noted motto of the Isle of Man were submitted to his notice, he, observing the allusion to the three legs, would naturally translate ‘QUOCUNQUE JECERIS STABIT’ into his own vernacular, ‘It's as right as a trivet.’’
    fine, all right, well, in good shape, in good health, fit, healthy, as fit as a fiddle, as fit as a flea, in fine fettle, up to snuff