Meaning of Englishness in English:


Pronunciation /???ɡl??n?s/


mass noun
  • The quality of being English or of having characteristics regarded as typically English.

    ‘a deep vein of Englishness runs through his work’
    • ‘he combined cultural Englishness with political cosmopolitanism’
    • ‘Of course, she cannot claim an Anglo-Saxon pedigree, but she can publicly admire Englishness.’
    • ‘All his work is in some way connected with the continuum of history and an exploration of Englishness.’
    • ‘Its joyous and expansive nature together with its Englishness has given this short work a world popularity that is almost unrivalled.’
    • ‘If not entirely celebratory, his Englishness is defined by inclusiveness.’
    • ‘He belongs to that particular strain of Englishness that runs from George Orwell to Tony Benn; from Morris dancing to the Sex Pistols.’
    • ‘This is the starting point for Blunkett's attempts, in a major speech today, to formulate a progressive definition of Englishness.’
    • ‘It's easy to see how that loss of Englishness could use a visible minority as a scapegoat.’
    • ‘Where does the essence of Englishness reside and what would you suggest to someone who wanted to immerse themselves in English culture?’
    • ‘This has given English identity a slightly menacing face, and consequently has discouraged the celebration of Englishness.’
    • ‘They are things that determine Englishness, for good or bad.’