Meaning of two-wheeler in English:


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  • A bicycle or motorcycle.

    • ‘There, two-wheelers and bicycles have been accepted as the common man's vehicle.’
    • ‘Jack watched proudly as a boy of seven rode his first two-wheeler bicycle down the pavement of a quiet suburban street in a line that would never resemble straight.’
    • ‘Some of them had motorcycles and two-wheelers and all of them had independent one-storied houses.’
    • ‘A separate lane for bicycles, and even powered two-wheelers, and manned pedestrian crossings have become necessary.’
    • ‘Many Chinese still cycle, even if two-wheelers are no longer basic transportation.’
    • ‘Accompanied by a motorcade of about 500 two-wheelers, the rally went around town.’
    • ‘With great prices and impressive looks, these two-wheelers put the motor in motorcycle’
    • ‘They ride around on rickety old bikes to make it obvious that their two-wheelers have spent decades rusting in the sea air.’
    • ‘The two-wheelers felt like riding a very twitchy bike that was murder to balance.’
    • ‘The next bike is going to be a two-wheeler, probably without the training wheels that she depends upon so much.’
    • ‘A flat tyre or breakdown of your two-wheeler should not bother you anymore in the city.’
    • ‘And even as two-wheelers enjoy more favor in the U.S. due to Armstrong's success, the long-term trend is down.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, two-wheelers take advantage of their own maneuverability and fill into any available space including unmotorable footpaths.’
    • ‘In the city, there has been any number of instances of stray dogs attacking morning strollers or passing two-wheelers, causing accidents in the process.’
    • ‘Cars and two-wheelers stood cheek by jowl along the sides of the road linking Race Course Road and Avanashi Road, until the parking space was completely full.’
    • ‘In the city alone, 4,754 vehicles are registered daily, out of which 2,556 are two-wheelers and 652 are cars.’
    • ‘Barring a few participants, who used four-wheelers, the rest meandered through the congested roads and lanes of the city in two-wheelers.’
    • ‘But Reema, another student, seems to be looking forward to this ban as she feels that the youngsters are using two-wheelers only to show off.’
    • ‘And none would oppose the idea of preserving the bridge with two-wheelers and three-wheelers being allowed to pass through it.’
    • ‘For the more observant, it will soon become evident, that the men, the ones who with enough money to go to work on two-wheelers, leave a lot to be desired in their attire.’